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I only write what scares me.

To create horror that stays with you.

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In a fusion of 'Ghost Ship' and 'Event Horizon', this horror novel follows a desperate mercenary and his crew on one last mission that pits their survival against an inescapable evil … An evil that comes from within …

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David's Dark Bundle - Author David Viergutz

David's Dark Bundle

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Ebook Bundle of 8 books for readers of Grimdark Fantasy and Horror! 

Book 1 (Cracked Altar) - When darkness falls, evil rises…

A apparition lurks in the shadows of an abandoned church in an isolated west-Texas ghost town. 

Book 2 (Wendigo) - The Wendigo craves flesh, and will be a slave to its hunger forever…

James's attempt at redemption is shattered when his wife and son disappear in the restricted area of the Rocky Mountains. But the forest hides a dark secret, and something lurks in the shadows, craving them all… 

Book 3 (The Haunting of Belford Manor) - One mansion's foundation creaks under the weight of its secrets…

As Marcus delves deeper into the history of Belford Manor, he finds himself entangled in a mystery that pulses with a fetid horror that may cost him more than just his attention - it may demand his very soul… 

Book 4 (Old Scratch) - Father Noah Godfrey, a former soldier and son of an exorcist, struggles to find work and make a living…

When he's dispatched by the Church to investigate a religious zealot's new congregation. As Noah delves deeper, he realizes that the cult’s deadly loyalty may be the final showdown between God and the devil himself…

Not Okay - Psychological Horror - My name is Marvin May, and I am okay ...

In the quant facade of my ordinary life I harbor a secret so dark, it chokes the very air from my lungs. It festers behind a smile, I stare it down in the mirror, and yet, I promise everyone around me I'm fine. The truth is, I'm not fine. My name is Marvin May, and I want to kill my wife. 

The Demonic Compendium Series (The Risen Prince, The Queen of Duska, When Old Gods Rest)

A royal family slaughtered. A tyrannical king. A raging war. An unspeakable evil. 

This Dark Fantasy Adventure features kingdoms in turmoil, worlds steeped in tradition, and danger at every turn. Each book series delivers thrilling tales of sorcerers, mystical healers, assassins, civil war, and treachery.

Follow the story of a royal family who has felt the pain of death many times over; struggles to hold onto their power; and meets threats at every turn. No one in the family is left unscathed on this epic journey to save themselves, regain control of their kingdom, and avoid the assassin’s sharp blades.

Will the quest end in disaster or ultimately right the many wrongs they’ve endured?