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David Viergutz is an accomplished author, and advocate of personal happiness and self-discovery. With a diverse background spanning military service, police work, higher education, and successful entrepreneurship, David brings a unique perspective to his audiences. Through the use of relatable real-world examples, he empowers listeners to unlock their untapped potential and achieve personal growth by doubling down on what works and cutting out all the rest.

David's early exposure to inspirational role models and their paths to success instilled in him the importance of perseverance and self-discovery. Armed with this knowledge, he embarked on a journey to identify and eliminate sources of unhappiness in his own life, creating room for personal growth and fulfillment. By removing negativity, David has been able to focus on his passions, honing his skills and seizing countless opportunities.

Throughout his career, David has amassed an impressive 4,500 hours of law enforcement training, covering a wide range of topics including leadership and criminal investigations. He holds three degrees, multiple coaching certifications, and has been honored with two military service awards. David's professional experience encompasses roles such as a senior police officer, state-certified child abuse investigator, mental health certified investigator, and author of over 18 books.

Beyond his professional achievements, David is a devoted husband and father, embodying unwavering self-confidence. He is passionate about mentoring new soldiers and rookie police officers, providing them with invaluable support and guidance. David has led investigations into cases involving child abuse and serious crimes, and has delivered high-level briefings to senior intelligence officers, demonstrating his ability to make critical decisions with certainty and overcome self-doubt. 


Doubt Destroyer: This keynote speech is a deep dive into the stories that made david’s book, Doubt Destroyer. David speaks with passion and leaves his listeners with actionable knowledge for eliminated doubt, increasing productivity and encouraging personal growth.

Authorship as a career: A deep dive into the aspects of authorship, understanding the power of the digital world for developing intellectual products, and using long-form fiction as an emotional outlet for stress.

Making it in horror: Horror is a niche genre. The readers are there, and you just need to reach them. Learn how David’s generated a list of over 15,000 horror readers and tens of thousands in sales.

(David's Favorite Talk) Making Monsters: Understanding how the creative writer can and should use the key element of horror - fear, in stories of all types. 


A cohesive brand is all about showing your readers at a glance who you are and what they can expect. I've taken this art to the next level, and I shared how and why I did it.

Author Brand Essentials:

Recognition and Trust: A strong brand helps in aligning marketing efforts and maintaining audience loyalty.

Representation: A brand is more than a logo; it embodies what the author stands for, including themes, reader journey, and lessons.

Engagement: Engages readers through immersive and authentic experiences.

subscriptions for authors by Ream

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In this interview, I met with Ream CEO Michael Evans to discuss his strategy that grew my subscription by writing horror short stories and how I involved my readers in the process. I discuss how I leverage my intellectual property to maximize the discovery and revenue from my subscription ecosystem. Show Notes:

  • Horror Writing, Community Building and a Unique Subscription
  • Mastering Self-Sustaining Authorship
  • Building Lasting Reader Relationships
  • From Insights to Action: Crafting a Unique Funnel
  • Streamlining Workflows
  • Evaluating worthwhile writing ventures

In another project, I hosted a webinar to over fifty authors on using Brand to fortify your messaging to readers. In this video, we explored the About Page on my subscription - The Nightmare Riders. 

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Mark Dawsons Self Publishing Show

I met with Indie Bestselling Author MARK DAWSON and self publishing show host James Blatch to discuss the importance of fitness In authorship.

Show Notes:

  • From the army to police work to author
  • Taking time to discover what genre suits us
  • Basic guidelines for fitness for writers
  • Where and when to begin a fitness routine
  • Why ‘failing quickly’ works when finding a new fitness routine
  • Why enjoying the exercise you choose really matters
  • Finding social connection via exercise

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