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The beginning is not scary at all. Until you get farther along in this book. I enjoyed reading this book.

I expect nothing less than 100% from Davids' writing but the intricate packaging and extra unexpected goodies add so much extra to an already exciting reading experience.

This is an outstanding read. David and Boris have similar styles and the same goal… to scare the crap out of everyone. They weave a tale of terror in the depths of space, where no one can hear you scream. And boy do the characters in this book have reasons to scream…. Read it, you won’t be disappointed!

OK, my personal take on ‘Astrophobia’ is…
The Backrooms…
... In Space!
A mercenary crew lost, haunted, and hunted in a maze. With some definite Event Horizon vibes in the background.

The space station has been silent for some time. Where are the hundreds of people who’d been staying there? Where are the children? What’s happened to the families? Something was brought on the station. A reality-warping, a mind-warping object found deep under a distant planet’s surface. What is it? It’s time to find out!

The story plays out as a terrific science fiction horror movie: astronauts hired to get on a space station where something sinister has been waiting for them, something usually encountered in a malevolent haunted house. They are systematically hunted and haunted by that spectral, faceless, intangible thing. They’re scared. They want to go home. But so does that evil thing in the station. “We’re all going home” – a mantra repeated everywhere in this hell. What’s going on?

Dave Viergutz and Boris Bacic have all the answers. Or do they? Both masters of the creepy and the horrifically weird, they’ve combined their powers to create a book of technological and astrobiological terror, perfectly made for horror and science-fiction afficionados who like their fiction heavy on rotting tech and possessed gadgets, thick with paranoia and anxiety-induced insanity, and lots of claustrophobia!

This is a great book.

Excellent Horror Bundle. It was a real page turner for me. I'm now waiting for Insanitorium release.

So far I have only read one book in the bundle. I Started with “Not Okay”. Viergutz does an excellent job with character development and the book had some really interesting twists. I didn’t see the ending coming until I started to suspect during the last few chapters. This book was a treatise on the human experience. Love, hate, anger, forgiveness, self deprecation, trauma etc. Not Okay runs the full gambit of what it is to be a flawed human being. I think that every person who is being honest with themselves can relate to Marvin. This is the perfect short book for times when you don’t have a ton of reading time, but any to spend a couple hours getting lost in a character.

I haven't started reading them yet, other things going on right now, but as soon as I can start reading them, I will give you a review. Can't wait to get started.

Holy shit, where do I start? First off, it's not getting five stars just because of the story. It's also getting five stars for accuracy. As a former corrections officer, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the insight being correct because so few can get it right. (I'll give you a free pass on the whole "prison guard" bit here, but ouch. That's not what we are.)
Now, the story? Vile, disgusting, gag-worthy, sinister, foreboding. I CAN'T WAIT TO BUY MORE OF YOUR WORK. You had me in that subway feeling grimy and wanting to confess secrets I don't even have to a gangly beast in a purple suit. The writing is infinity better than a lot of these other authors that have all the money for marketing. Absolutely fantastic. I couldn't put it down!

Just started reading, and I already can't wait to finish alot of suspense and I love it

Thank you so much book was packaged perfectly, Famtastic cover can’t wait to read it in our group on TikTok so I can give a review

David is an amazing author. I absolutely love this series. The way he brings the characters to life and ties the books together is awesome.

Really enjoyed reading this excellent horror story. In fact I had been waiting quite a while for it to become available, because I was excited to read it! I was not disappointed at all. I do wonder, though, why a subway? The location added to the spooky atmosphere, but there aren't any in Dallas are there? Anyway, this was another terrific horror by one of my favourite horror writers! I would highly recommend it.

If Stephen King and Clive Barker had a baby, it might be as creepy/scary as Mr. Wicker.
There is never a dull moment in this story and the characters are easy to become invested in. Each had a secret but one had a secret that wasn't revealed until the end.
Also, there is an Easter Egg hidden in the story.
Another great story. Thank you David Viergutz.

Absolutely loved my terror box! Wish I would have taken video of my unboxing there was a surprise that scared the heck out of me, made my family laugh.

Awesome book. Sucked me in rigjt from the beginning!!

Downloaded the ebooks. They were sent to my email and were easy to load on my kindle. Can’t wait to read them all!

I love the whole book. And the cover is awesome

Mr. Wicker (EBOOK)
Julianne B.

Great book reminiscent of a great Twilighht Zone. Definitely keeps you guessing as the tension keeps moving on up. Very impressive read!

A perfect horror novel, everything as ordered!

It was everything I expected and more Loved it

Mr. Wicker (EBOOK)
Stephanie M.

This book chilled me to the core. I have read most of David’s books, and this one is one of his best. His writing style is easy to read, and his way of storytelling hits the ground running from the very first chapter. “Mr. Wicker” is psychologically suspenseful and just plain terrifying at times. If you want to be terrified; this is the book for you!

All books came fast Each book was individually wrapped with swag and signed and then put in nice author boxes. Kept updated on delivery status. Highly recommend!!!

ReZist (Paperback)
Christopher H.

Once you got through the world building portion of the book and the back story the book really moved. Loved the story telling and the plot. Looking forward to getting the next round of books.

Absolutely love this!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! There was so much more in the box than I even expected. My cereal killer☠️ soon is so awesome!!! Stickers are soon to go on the hard hat! Thank you so much David!