The ZurViral Series Audiobooks

I can hear the dead scratching at my door ... 

The Z-Virus toppled the state in a week, the country in a month, and the world in a year. Now its undead aftermath wants to destroy Brock, but his new weapon may bring them to their knees.

Brock Skeller’s reputation precedes him. Everyone he encounters knows he’s a skilled leader, an expert zombie-herd killer, and a powerful telekinetic. But what they don’t know is he’s also battle weary. His mind and body aren’t what they used to be. All he wants now is to live a solitary life high on the mountaintop where he can avoid interaction with the walking corpses and steer clear of people.

But his safe haven soon becomes a scene of chaos when the cabin is overrun, and his secrets are exposed. He’s forced to seek refuge in Texas, but what he finds is the polar opposite of peaceful.

Now he’s caught between a rock and a dead place. Follow Brock’s harrowing adventure on his desperate race across Texas to save the other survivors by any means necessary.

Are his wit and telekinetic abilities enough to stop the undead in their tracks?

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