Red Mud River (AUDIOBOOK) - Author David Viergutz
Red Mud River (AUDIOBOOK) - Author David Viergutz

Red Mud River (AUDIOBOOK)

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One body, two bodies, panic everywhere.

The latest victim was like the others — abandoned in the outskirts of El Paso.  Exposed to the elements, they’re left to die alone in the cold.

The FBI’s elite serial killer identification team, The Behavioral Analysis Unit, dispatches their top criminal profiler, Genevieve Callow and her esteemed partner, Marcus Oakley, to track down the elusive killer. The killer is crafty. Smart. Completely deranged. 

In the midst of the investigation, another girl is taken, and the killer sets the countdown clock. People cower in their homes. Nobody feels safe. 

What could drive someone to such violence? And why?

Unfortunately for Agent Callow, the trail is as cold as the victim’s bodies — sub-zero. The case proves to be the most difficult she’s ever worked, and the bodies are piling up.

If she fails, blood will soak the ground. He won’t stop.

Can Callow piece the clues together before the killer claims another life?

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