Old Scratch (AUDIOBOOK) - Author David Viergutz
Old Scratch (AUDIOBOOK) - Author David Viergutz

Old Scratch (AUDIOBOOK)

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Father Noah Godfrey is no stranger to turmoil.

A former soldier turned priest and son of an acclaimed exorcist; he struggles to find work. Living life under his father’s shadow is taking its toll on him. 

He needs money to survive, but with few viable prospects, his chances aren’t looking good.

Father Zachariah, a religious zealot, separated St. Agatha’s Church from the church body and reestablished a new physical church in the middle of Texas. 

His return from a mission trip in Brazil raises questions. 

The once beloved priest is a shadow of his former self and is believed to have gone mad. Despite his bizarre behavior, he’s amassed a huge following and has taken his evangelism to the airwaves. People have flocked to The Foundation. His captive audience has even gathered an elite group of believers who spend time at the compound.

When the congregation draws attention for all the wrong reasons, the Church dispatches Noah to investigate and report back on the validity of the rumors. Soon, Noah finds himself ensnared in what could be the greatest hoax the world has ever seen…or the location for the final showdown between God and the devil himself.

Will Noah uncover the horrifying secrets and expose the truth, or will the congregation’s unwavering and deadly loyalty stop him in his tracks?

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