Dead Things in Dark Places: S1 (AUDIOBOOK)

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Enter the shadowy corridors of terror with Dead Things in Dark Places, the latest collection from the master of malice, David Viergutz. Renowned for his spine-tingling narratives, Viergutz invites you to brave an anthology of all-new, horrifying tales. 

Each story will drag you deeper into a world of haunted asylums with echoing screams, cursed possessions whispering in the dead of night, twisted creatures lurking in the shadows, and the darkest corners of your wildest nightmares.

Think you're brave enough? Each page turn is a challenge to your courage, a step further into the unknown. From the eerie silence of a forsaken ghost town to the twisted smile of a doll with a mind of its own, every story is a unique journey through fear.

But beware, for in this maze of shadows, nothing is as it seems. Will you emerge unscathed, or will these tales ensnare you forever in their chilling grip? 

Dare to find out in Dead Things in Dark Places.

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