When Old Gods Rest (AUDIOBOOK) - Author David Viergutz
When Old Gods Rest (AUDIOBOOK) - Author David Viergutz

When Old Gods Rest (AUDIOBOOK)

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Stonehaven, the once-prized seat of the kingdom of Duska is a pile of rubble and Queen Avana Ostra is to blame.

Nearly everyone she trusted is dead; some by her own hand. Weary and exhausted, her body resembles that of a monster. Without order and the loss of the crown, chaos is the new norm.

But Avana has a plan.

To the east of her beloved kingdom is the land of Kogresh, home to a mystical healer who may have the answers she needs.

Hunted, alone, and broken, Avana is once again thrust into an epic quest to rid herself of her demonic companion, clear her name, and bring her kingdom up from ruin.

When Old Gods Rest is the final installment and close to The Demonic Compendium Series. No stone will be left unturned. No question left unanswered. The Book must be sated.

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