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The Wendigo craves flesh, and will be a slave to its hunger forever.

James’s life is falling apart at the seams.

A dysfunctional marriage. Underemployment. Run-ins with the law.

He yearns for redemption from what he’s done and from what he’s failed to do for his wife, Rebecca, and son, Jr.

But after James’s latest incident, Rebecca attempts an ill-prepared adventure into the Rocky Mountains with Jr. to gather her thoughts.

Things quickly escalate as contact is lost in the restricted area of the forest, and James embarks on a rescue mission.

James won’t fail his family again, bringing with him two expert rescue technicians who seem to know the restricted area a little too well. 

They are hiding something. His family needs him.

The forest is hiding something. His family needs him.

Something lurks in the shadows. And it craves them all…

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