David's Portfolio

I am a seasoned writer with a diverse range of professional experience. As a current Staff Writer for Indie Author Magazine, I honed my craft and showcased my knowledge of the indie publishing sphere by delivering captivating content addressing relevant topics in the space. My role involved adapting my writing style to various audiences, ensuring high-quality articles with consistent tone and voice, and working closely with the editorial team.

Additionally, I have worked as a freelance writer for Silverservers Inc., where I specialized in producing SEO articles on a wide array of topics. This experience allowed me to develop a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies and optimize content to improve online visibility and drive traffic to client websites.

I hold an MFA from Liberty University, where I tailored my studies to focus on the horror genre. I crafted an thesis that demonstrated my in-depth knowledge and critical analysis within the genre.

Moreover, my professional background encompasses unique roles that have further enriched my writing skills. During my time as a police officer, I wrote comprehensive reports ranging from minor incidents like barking dog complaints to complex cases such as double homicides. In addition, as a US Army intelligence analyst, I was entrusted with crafting high-level intelligence briefings. This role demanded exceptional attention to detail, strong analytical skills, and the ability to present information effectively to senior personnel.