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Mason Blair, a down-on-his-luck contractor, grasps at a last chance for redemption by taking on a daunting project: restoring the notorious Daggermouth State Hospital, a forsaken relic with a twisted past. 

Haunted by personal demons and a relentless ambition to succeed, Mason’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he rekindles a fiery, tumultuous relationship with Cassandra Goldstein, a wealthy heiress with a mysterious connection to the asylum.

As Mason commits to the restoration, Daggermouth’s crumbling walls begin to mirror his own fracturing psyche. 

Unbeknownst to him, the asylum's dark history intertwines with Mason’s own lineage, linking him to its infamous past and the diabolical doctor who once roamed its halls.

But the empty corridors of Daggermouth hold more than just the echoes of its tormented residents. 

With his grip on reality slipping, Mason delves deeper into the asylum’s secrets, hoping to find the key to his unravelling identity, while Cassandra, battling her own solitude and ignoring the cryptic warnings of those around her, finds herself desperately seeking her place in a story she doesn't fully understand.

And as the flames of the past threaten to consume everyone and everything caught in their path, Daggermouth slips into further decline, the line between reality and delusion fading further still …

Paperback -
Dimensions 5.5 x 0.53 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 979-8742815488
Publication date 05/2024
Publisher The Nightmare Engine

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