Mastering the Craft of Horror - Conversations with Jay Bower

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In the debut episode of the Nightmare Engine Podcast, hosts David and Jay delve into their distinctive writing styles and preferences in horror. They stress the importance of consistency in output and building a successful career in the intellectual property industry. David suggests that horror writers, despite being ordinary individuals, possess a profound connection to their innate fears and inspirations, enabling them to create relatable characters. The hosts also explore the potential profitability of the horror market, acknowledging the diverse sub-genres available to indie publishers. They discuss the prevalence of haunted house stories and how these eerie abodes can become the very embodiment of horror.

00:01:00 - Jay and David discuss their writing preferences.

00:04:00 - Current mainstream market trends in horror.

00:05:00 - Jay's fear of haunted houses and discussion on haunted houses in horror.

00:08:00 - Jay and David talk about the normalcy of horror writers.

00:10:00 - Jay and David's writing goals and consistency.

00:12:00 - Discussion on the horror market and its opportunities.

00:15:00 - Writing horror series and making them emotionally less taxing on readers.

00:22:00 - David’s shift from dark fantasy to horror.

00:24:00 - David’s love of horror and his first dark fantasy horror story.

00:33:00 - Finding a balance between literary and mainstream horror and writing what readers want.

00:35:00 - Discussion on researching the market and finding a happy medium.

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